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Denver Eagle P3 Project, U.S.A.

Denver Eagle Crop 1

Denver Eagle P3 Project forms part of Denver’s Regional Transport District (RTD) transit programme: “FasTracks” to expand rail and light rail and better connect the eight-county district and is a landmark project as the first rail P3 in the US.

The Project includes the design, build finance, operation and maintenance of two complete commuter rail segments: the East Corridor and the Gold Line; an electrified portion of the Northwest Rail Line; and a Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility. The Project is currently in the O&M Phase. During the Construction Phase, the Concessionaire, comprised by Aberdeen Standard, John Laing, and Fluor, transferred design, build and commissioning as well as rolling stock procurement obligations to Denver Transit Systems (the D&B Contractor) consisting of Fluor (50%) and Balfour Beatty (50%). For the O&M Phase, the Concessionaire transferred the O&M obligations to the Denver Transit Operators which comprises Fluor (33%), Balfour Beatty (33%) and ACI (33%).