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I-595 Express Corridor, U.S.A.

Roads Strategic & Commercial Advisory
I595 Miami 1

The I-595, also known as the Port Everglades Expressway, is the lifeline of Southern Florida. It provides the essential east-west link for the shipment of freight, goods, and movement of people to their places of work, shops and entertainment venues.

 More than 180,000 vehicles use the I-595 every day – a number projected to swell to 300,000 by 2034. This programme of improvements seeks to address the issue of overcrowding on this major highway.

 Improvement works include the construction of three reversible express toll lanes, which will be operated as managed lanes with variable tolls.

 Construction cost is in the region of $1 billion.

Infrata was commissioned by a consortium to provide LTA services up to bid submission and financial close. After financial close, the Infrata team was retained to provide construction monitoring services on this DBFOM project.