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6. Rutas del Desierto, Iquique , Chile

Roads Technical Advisory
Rutas Del Desierto Iquique

Multi-Asset Portfolio Acquisition, Chile

The highway stretch called Alternative Access to Iquique is located in the region of Tarapaca. The concession involves the upgrading of two main accesses to Iquique; (i) a section of 47 km between the Humberstone region and the eastern access to Iquique along Route 16 and (ii) a section of 31 km between Diego Aracena Airport and the southern access to Iquique. Though the majority of the second section consists of bi-directional dual lane roadway, a small stretch of 1.1 km close to Diego Aracena Airport consists of a bi-directional single lane roadway. This project is currently in the Exploitation Period. Infrata provide Technical Due Diligence services for the buyer.