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7. Valles del Disierto, Copiapo , Chile

Roads Technical Advisory
Valles Del Bio Bio

Multi-Asset Portfolio Acquisition, Chile

 The 221 km Vallenar - Caldera road runs along Route 5 in the region of Atacama and bypasses the Copiapo city. The concession involves four highway sections. Section 1 (i) is of 124.8 km which connects Vallenar city and the entry to the Copiapo by-pass. Section 2 (ii), of 31 km, is the Copiapo bypass, which has been constructed by the Authority and passed on to the Concessionaire for operation and maintenance. Section 3 (iii), of 65 km, extends the end of the Copiapo bypass to Ramada Beach in Caldera city. The final section (iv), of 5.4 km, provides access to Bahia Inglesa from Route 5. This project is currently in the Exploitation Period. Infrata provide Technical Due Diligence services for the buyer.