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Asset Management

Operations & Maintenance

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Smooth communication between those involved with differing backgrounds (technical, financial, fiscal) by:

  • Knowing what to ask and when to explore further.
  • Speaking the same language.
  • Shared views and interchange of experience.

Searching synergies and Productivity by:

  • Pursuing efficiencies among overall portfolio.
  • Enhancing economy of scale.
  • Applying lessons Learned.
  • Use and extend of best practices.

Operational Insight by providing:

  • Concession -focussed experience: from Contract Requirements to Technical Challenges.
  • Construction, Ramp-Up and Operational support and knowledge sharing.

Ongoing Monitoring throughout asset’s entire lifespan from design, construction period, ramp up and handback

  • Close follow-up of budget deviations underlying rationale.
  • Cost escalations and impact to future forecasts.
  • Financial Model Updates and impact on valuations.
  • Independent Technical Opinion identifying weakness and strengths
  • Contract Requirements  and Socio-environmental Constraints
  • Grantor and User profiles
  • Clear and Consistent communication with Top Operational Management: speaking the same language

What is our KEY APPROACH to Asset Management

We provide a Be-spoke Analysis and Strategy Design: We can help you address, plan ahead and mitigate potential risks as well as identify and monetise potential upsides.

We conduct a rigorous analysis with an in-depth screening of the asset.

We identify synergies by implementing a rationalisation plan with the aim of maximising efficiency.

  • Enhancement of portfolio synergies
  • Shared SPV staff/activities
  • Regional framework for subcontracts benefiting of economy of scale: Energy, Pavements, Inspections, Insurances, CC…etc.
  • Intercompany subcontracts

We challenge cost strategies to achieve budget optimization.

  • Bottom-up model based on the estimation of the resources required to ensure the achievement of international standards
  • Top-down analysis based on benchmark with comparable assets
  • Subcontracting vs Performing works in-house
  • Lifecycle reprofiling to enhance asset value, complying with DSCR

As a result of operational improvements, we maximise income and increase revenue for your stakeholders.

  • Business Model: Toll Perception and Enforcement strategies
  • Pareto of Violators/offenders and Tariff/Fee Schemes
  • Billing procedures and commercial policies
  • TCS upgrade to ensure accurate identification of TAG/Plate
  • Minimization of Deductions/Penalties


Our Approach

We believe the considerable opportunity for investors and lenders to participate in the rapidly growing digital infrastructure sector does not come without challenges.

We use our knowledge and expertise in global digital sectors to advise our clients and assist them in making the most informed decisions for their fiber, data centre, and tower investments.

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Power & Renewables

Our Approach

Our passion for a sustainable future drives our unwavering commitment to the power and renewables sectors. We use in house knowledge and expertise in the renewables sector and have been actively advising clients since 2011.

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Water & Waste Water

Our Approach

We bring specialism in water treatment, processing, and transportation to suitable investing and lending opportunities for its clients.

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