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Ethanol production Plan, Paraguay

Power & Renewables Technical Advisory
Ethanol Production Plan

The Project consists of Plant Revamping for corn-based ethanol production, which will have a milling capacity of 420 thousand tons per year (1,272 tons per day) for a production capacity of 160 million liters of ethanol per year. The plant would also allow the production and sale of DDGS (Distillers' Dry Grains with Solubles) and corn oil, as by-products generated within the ethanol production process.

Infrata's Role

The role of Infrata is as Technical Advisor for the lenders, preparing a Technical DD Red Flags Report and later, for the technical monitoring during the construction phase.

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our technical advisory services underpin all the work that we do. Our advisors are with you every step of the way, from the stage of evaluating investment opportunities, to value creation and divestiture.
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