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Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory

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The infrastructure landscape is changing. Increasingly, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are coming to play a key role in investment decisions.

Modern investors and lenders need to have confidence not only in the financial robustness of a project, but also in its responsibility. More than ever, sound investments need to be sustainable – benefitting regional communities and mitigating impacts on local eco-systems.   To that end, our team can approach ESG from a variety of angles: social, environmental, financial. Our ESG advisors work with a network of local associates to appreciate context, and ensure the integrity – and full compliance – of all our projects.

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This $200 million project consists of the DBFOM of a fibre-optic network within the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) right of way. This will be...

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The Hospital, located in Azores and operational since March 2012 has a capacity of 236 beds serving a population of 55,000 peoples. The Project ...

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Uruguay’s very first PPP involves the construction of a new prison, with capacity for some 1,960 inmates. The project – which was procured through...

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