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I-75 Segment 3, Michigan, U.S.A.

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This $575 million project involves the modernisation of the existing I-75 highway, which consists of 1.5 miles of rural freeway and 4 miles of urban depressed freeway with service drives. It further includes the procurement of a 4 mile storage and drainage tunnel, together with a pump station under a DBFM scheme. Segment 3 crosses Madison Heights, Royal Oak and Hazel Park. 

Infrata's Role

We have been conducting detailed technical due diligence

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our reputation as a globally trusted technical advisor is built on over a decade of successfully providing independent due diligence to lenders and investors on major infrastructure projects across multiple asset classes around the world.
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Infrata provides technical, commercial and environmental support to some of the world’s most ambitious highway investment projects.

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