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Santa Ana-Mocoa-Neiva Highway Acquisition (Project Emerald), Colombia

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The Santa Ana-Mocoa-Neiva corridor concession will comprise 447km of highway linking departments Putumayo and Huila in southwest Colombia. The project is included in the second wave part of Colombia's 4G highway concessions. The concession is the construction of 22 kilometres of two-lane highway and 36 kilometres of single-lane highway in addition to the refurbishment of 420 kilometres of existing road.

Infrata's Role

We provided O&M technical due diligence services to French developer, Eiffage, on its first venture into the Colombian infrastructure market in 2017. Eiffage entered as 50/50 partner with CASS Constructores in Aliadas para el Progreso SPV.

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our reputation as a globally trusted technical advisor is built on over a decade of successfully providing independent due diligence to lenders and investors on major infrastructure projects across multiple asset classes around the world.
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Demand and Traffic Advisory

We believe that accurate data and its analysis are crucial to making a shrewd investment in infrastructure. Market analysis and sector insight help us evaluate revenue potential with our clients.
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Infrata provides technical, commercial and environmental support to some of the world’s most ambitious highway investment projects.

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