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Central 70 project, U.S.A.

Roads Technical Advisory
I 70 Denver Colorado

Central 70 Project, consisting of the design, build, finance, operation and maintenance and reconstruction of a 10-mile stretch of I-70 East in Denver, Colorado.

Infrata's Role

We acted as a Technical Advisor to the sponsors. Services carried out include analysis of commercial implications, as well as forming the TA opinions on the following key areas: Overview of the contractual requirements for rehabilitation and handback, Overview of the Consortium’s rehabilitation proposal, Overview of the Consortium’s rehabilitation budget, Detailed review of key elements of the Consortium’s rehabilitation budget, and Rehabilitation budget benchmarking. 

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our reputation as a globally trusted technical advisor is built on over a decade of successfully providing independent due diligence to lenders and investors on major infrastructure projects across multiple asset classes around the world.
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Infrata provides technical, commercial and environmental support to some of the world’s most ambitious highway investment projects.

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