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River 3

This project includes the replacement of 29 manually operated dams with innovative automatic inflatable water dams on the Aisne and Meuse rivers. The main objectives of this project are to make the operation of these dams safe, to allow efficient management of diversion bays and floods, as well as to maintain navigation, while respecting the environment, in particular through the construction of fish. In order to make the project viable, it includes the construction and operation of hydroelectric turbines.

The duration of the concession is 30 years, with the design and construction phases taking place over a period of eight years from the signing of the partnership contract in 2013. The value of the construction amounts to 260 million d 'euros.

Infrata's Role

The role of our French-speaking team is to provide technical advice to lenders, from the offer phase, in preparation for credit committees, during the financial closing process , throughout the construction phase and, subsequently, during the operation phase. .

““This project covered a number of fascinating locations. Integrating the challenges from each of the sites proved to be an exercise of the highest technical calibre.””

Nuno Sousa, Senior Consultant at Infrata

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our reputation as a globally trusted technical advisor is built on over a decade of successfully providing independent due diligence to lenders and investors on major infrastructure projects across multiple asset classes around the world.
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Maritime investments require niche knowledge and experience – two things the Infrata team has in abundance.

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