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Demand and Traffic Advisory

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We believe that accurate data and its analysis are crucial to making a shrewd investment in infrastructure. Market analysis and sector insight help us evaluate revenue potential with our clients.

Our analysis covers several key areas. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Competition Assesment
  • Existing and forthcoming regulation
  • Existing business performance
  • Global and local economic factors
  • Traffic forecasts

Airports & Aviation

Our Approach

The investment potential in the world of aviation is phenomenal, and we’re here to help you unlock it.

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Our Approach

Infrata provides technical, commercial and environmental support to some of the world’s most ambitious highway investment projects.

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Investment strategies that run right on time.

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Ports & Waterways

Our Approach

Maritime investments require niche knowledge and experience – two things the Infrata team has in abundance.

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The Colombian Government is investing in the country’s central coffee-growing regions. This includes a large-scale improvement of the area’s aviation...

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Greenfield Airport

The creation of a new airport on a greenfield site in East Africa.

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Chesapeake Bridge

The construction of a new tolled bridge to restore a critical transportation link between Chesapeake and Portsmouth, in Virginia. The 50-year...

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