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Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory

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The infrastructure landscape is changing. Increasingly, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are coming to play a key role in investment decisions.

Modern investors and lenders need to have confidence not only in the financial robustness of a project, but also in its responsibility. More than ever, sound investments need to be sustainable – benefitting regional communities and mitigating impacts on local eco-systems.   To that end, our team can approach ESG from a variety of angles: social, environmental, financial. Our ESG advisors work with a network of local associates to appreciate context, and ensure the integrity – and full compliance – of all our projects.


Our Approach

We believes the considerable opportunity for investors and lenders to participate in the rapidly growing digital infrastructure sector does not come without challenges.

We use our knowledge and expertise in global digital sectors to advise our clients and assist them in making the most informed decisions for their fiber, data centre, and tower investments.

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Power & Renewables

Our Approach

Our passion for a sustainable future drives our unwavering commitment to the power and renewables sectors. We use in house knowledge and expertise in the renewables sector and have been actively advising clients since 2011.

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Shutterstock 380731009 Crop 1

This $200 million project consists of the DBFOM of a fibre-optic network within the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) right of way. This will be...

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The Hospital, located in Azores and operational since March 2012 has a capacity of 236 beds serving a population of 55,000 peoples. The Project ...

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Prison 2

Uruguay’s very first PPP involves the construction of a new prison, with capacity for some 1,960 inmates. The project – which was procured through...

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