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Technical Advisory to Lenders and Investors : Global Growth

Posted 08/12/2017 by Valery Olefir

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From mature project finance markets such as Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, through to the “dormant giant” US market and down to the land of large scale projects in South America, the Infrata team has been active in all the major projects starting a new commission, in average, every three weeks. The breath and reach of our experience undertaken due diligence has facilitated financing pilot PPP highway projects in Uruguay and Paraguay, the all very ambitious 4G programme in Colombia as well as provided continuous support to less standard senior debt financing, supporting underwriting processes in the US and Canada.

Today, the Infrata team is the largest single team, based in one location, operating globally across all asset classes in the structured finance sector with multilingual consultants advising in more than seven languages. We welcome the new year with a strong pipeline of new projects ranging from light rail transits in Canada, motorways in Australia, tunnels in the UK and more mountain roads projects in Colombia.