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Liège Tramway, Belgium

Railways Technical Advisory
Liege Tramway

The Wallonia Transport Authority is tendering a PPP tramway development in the city of Liège, Belgium.

The initial project sees 12km of track to serve the area between the Standard Liège Stadium and Coronmeuse, and an additional section for the Bressoux Station. The project may then be extended into a second phase, taking the track to a total of 19km.

Infrata's Role

Infrata was appointed by a bidding consortium to provide Lender’s Technical Advisory services to potential lenders. Our work includes a review of technical solutions, permits, rolling stock design and maintenance.

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our technical advisory services underpin all the work that we do. Our advisors are with you every step of the way, from the stage of evaluating investment opportunities, to value creation and divestiture.
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