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Livan 1, Belgium

Railways Technical Advisory
Livan 1

Project Livan 1 is the first stage of Belgium's Pegasus Plan, which involves the expansion of tram, metro and bus networks in the province of Antwerp.   The developed tram network comprises two parts; 3.65km of underground routes, and 2.8km at street level.

Infrata's Role

Infrata has been involved in Livan 1 since the very beginning, working in the transaction phase in 2011/12.   Since then, we've continue to provide construction monitoring services on behalf of the lenders.

A key part of Infrata's role is to bring our experience from other rail PPPs in monitoring the development of design and construction.   This enables us to identify issues of material concern to the lenders.

Once the construction completed in March 2015, Infrata has been responsible for monitoring the Operations and Maintenance phase of the project.

Services Offered For Investors

Technical Advisory

Our technical advisory services underpin all the work that we do. Our advisors are with you every step of the way, from the stage of evaluating investment opportunities, to value creation and divestiture.
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