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Sydney Light Rail Transit, Sydney, Australia

Railways Technical Advisory
Sydney Light Rail Train

The project sees the DBFOM of a new light rail transit system in Sydney, Australia. The LRT system will connect Sydney’s busy central business district with the south-east of the city, integrating with the existing network.

Key project features include:

  • Construction of a bridge above the airport motorway
  • Construction of a jacked box tunnel in challenging geotechnical conditions
  • Two brand new LRT maintenance facilities
  • Catenary-free requirements
  • Procurement of rolling stock

Infrata's Role

Infrata is serving as the Technical Due Diligence Advisor to prospective lenders.

“This project requires construction work in some of the city’s busiest urban areas. This means we have to work hard to ensure that life for Sydney-siders continues as normal. This involves the relocation of utilities and various logistical traffic management schemes.”

Ray Powell

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