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Investment strategies that run right on time.

We combine our deep technical knowledge with economic factors and real-world business experience.

Proactive strategies for success

We believe that the foundation of our success lies in our relationships with investors. And that starts at the very beginning. For the rail sector, that means at the transaction and bid preparation stages.

Our knowledge and experience will help you determine the value of an investment, before assisting with the technical aspects of the acquisition.

We then combine our deep technical knowledge with economic factors and real-world business experience to provide effective strategies for getting the most from your asset

Our main goal is to help our clients create clear paths to growth in their rail investment projects.

We’ll liaise with sponsors, equity investors and lenders to advise on the current status of a railway asset, before looking ahead to fulfilling its potential. We do this through market analysis and rigorous performance tests. Our work also includes due diligence and competition analysis.

The power of experience

Each sector presents its own challenges. That’s why it’s important to work with people who know your industry inside-out.

Infrata’s team has decades of experience in the rail sector, and comprises Civil Engineers, transportation consultants, and business leaders. In the rail sector, our work spans the following areas:

  • Light rail & trams
  • Commuter networks
  • Metros
  • Intercity passenger rail
  • High speed
  • Freight & heavy haul

Many clients choose to work with our advisors throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. 

Take the Livan 1 project, in Antwerp. From the early bid stage, our advisors have continued to monitor this colossal metro construction project, helping to overcome obstacles and bring the ambitious project to fruition.

You're in safe hands

Many clients choose to work with our advisors throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Take the Livan 1 project, in Antwerp. From the early bid stage, our advisors have continued to monitor this colossal metro construction project, helping to overcome obstacles and bring the ambitious project to fruition.

Sydney Light Rail Train

This USD $1 Billion project comprised the DBFOM of a new 12 km light rail system from the CBD in the north to Randwick and Kingsford in the south (the...

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Livan 1

Project Livan 1 is the first stage of Belgium's Pegasus Plan, which involves the expansion of tram, metro and bus networks in the province of Antwerp....

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The Brabo 1 project sees the extension of two tram lines totalling 12km in length. The project includes the rehabilitation of adjacent roads and a...

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What services do we offer for investors in the Railways sector?

Technical Advisory

Our reputation as a globally trusted technical advisor is built on over a decade of successfully providing independent due diligence to lenders and investors on major infrastructure projects across multiple asset classes around the world.
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Demand and Traffic Advisory

We believe that accurate data and its analysis are crucial to making a shrewd investment in infrastructure. Market analysis and sector insight help us evaluate revenue potential with our clients.
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Strategic and Commercial Advisory

Navigating through the lifecycle of an investment requires ongoing lateral thinking and shrewd commercial planning. That’s the job of our strategic and commercial advisors.
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What are Infrata's areas of expertise?

Railway Engineering

Railway Engineering

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In-depth engineering knowledge is vitally important to our approach to rail. Our knowledge covers all aspects of the railway system – from concepts of design and construction, to day-to-day operations and maintenance.

This knowledge allows us to take a strategic view of each project, promising seamless integration and prompt delivery of outcomes to suit your needs.

Strategic Technical Advisory

Strategic Technical Advisory

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Our strategic technical advisory services are designed to help our clients define their projects from the very beginning. We’ll establish clear objectives, and provide early feasibility studies and business case appraisals.

Our advisors continue to provide support to clients throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Programme Assurance and Oversight

Programme Assurance and Oversight

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Infrata provides clients with a team to oversee project delivery. This team’s job is to monitor delivery, and shine a light on material risks and issues as they arise. Programme assurance stretches throughout a project’s lifecycle, to include:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Project Scope
  • Cost
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Assessment

Ultimately, it’s the job of our team to mitigate risk, and examine corrective actions. We’ll pro-actively identify areas of improvement, helping you to achieve the right outcome for your project.

Project Reviews & Challenge Teams

Project Reviews & Challenge Teams

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Time for a temperature check on an ongoing project? Infrata assembles multi-disciplinary teams to gauge the maturity of projects in development.

Our ‘deep dive’ project reviews can be carried out within a short time frame, making them ideal for deployment at key decision stage gates.

Asset Management

Asset Management

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A large part of Infrata’s job is to translate the material details of infrastructure into terms relevant for investors.

This involves reviewing asset management systems. We also review documentation for the Asset Information and Management System, and the Annual Asset Management Plans, for the complete asset base.

Franchise Technical Support

Franchise Technical Support

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Our franchise technical support runs throughout the lifecycle of a project, beginning at the bid stage. We’ll provide asset management advice, and assess the impact that changes to infrastructure will have on your franchise. This is key during major enhancement projects on TOC routes.

Infrata’s experience with DBFM and PPP concessions puts us in a unique position to adapt to the increasingly vertically-integrated approach of the UK market.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

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The Infrata team lends unparalleled knowledge and experience to the definition, specification and delivery stages of both public and private rail projects.

As an independent consultancy, our expertise is particularly valuable in areas of dispute and arbitration.

Our journey starts with a simple consultation. Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your options for investing in aviation infrastructure.

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